Jungle Ivy - byBiehl gives back to nature!

We have a great news, we have been looking forward to sharing!

Almost a year ago we took the first steps towards the news we can finally share with you!

We have launched the Jungle Ivy jewelry collection, which not only aims to celebrate the beauty of the earth through the fine designs of the jewelry, but more importantly to give back to nature!

Our Globe needs more than beautiful thoughts. It needs action.
For every Jungle Ivy piece sold, we’ll plant a Mangrove. No tree absorbs more Co2. Help protect the World we love!

See and buy the Jungle Ivy collection here

The mangrove is chosen because it absorbs 50 times as much CO2 as other tropical trees. "The trees are supposed to, help save us. And when we were told that the mangrove trees currently fills less than 1% of the world's tropical rainforests, the mangrove was a logical choice. So there really is need for every new mangrove", Charlotte Biehl emphasizes.

The trees are planted in Madagascar and Indonesia and not only strengthen the environment. It is also a socio-economic project that helps to get the locals to work and make them experts in growing mangrove trees.

Do you want to make a difference? 

With the hashtag #byBiehlgivesbacktonature we want to create focus on the campaign and have decided that when the hashtag is used 500 times with a picture of the Jungle Ivy jewelry, we will plant 1000 new mangrove trees! 

Hope you want to spread the message on Instagram with the hashtag #byBiehlgivesbacktonature and encourage others to share the message so we can plant as many new mangrove trees as possible!


The collection contains both earrings and rings. All jewelry will be available in both silver and gold plated silver. Prices are from: 345 - 795 DKK.

Later this summer, some new variants of solid 14 carat gold and with diamonds will also be launched.

See and buy the Jungle Ivy collection here